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Joanne Vande Walle: Executive Director (Until August 31, 2018)

Education: BS Accounting & Business, CPR, First Aid, QMAP
Experience: Elderhaus since 1999, Brookdale, Boulder County Enterprises, Volunteer work with Special Olympics, and long term facilities.
Each and every one of us contributes to life in some unique way. Each of us has to be accountable to our part, and we all need some assistance once in a while to reach our potential. That’s why I’m passionate about Elderhaus and its mission — every day gives us an opportunity to help others reach their potential, build self-confidence, and earn acceptance in their community. Elderhaus structures its activities to reach all potentials, as diverse as they may be. The loving, compassionate and professional staff we have at Elderhaus makes me very proud to be a part of this agency for the past nine years and to help build and advocate for the adult day services that we provide to the community.

Tim McLemore: Executive Director
Education:  Doctorate at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Master’s degree at Southern Methodist University's Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, Texas, and B.A. from Mt. Vernon College, Ohio.
Experience:  More than 20 years of senior management experience with non-profits, most recently as Executive Director of Crossroads of Estes Park, which provides food and other basic human services for residents in need in South Larimer County.

Reesa Hanck:  Assistant Director/Compliance Officer
Education: Certified Nurse Assistant (C.N.A.) 18 yrs: Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP)-Med. Manager,  CPR, First Aid
Experience: Elderhaus since 2006: C.N.A. long-term care facility 3 yrs: C.N.A. home health care 3 yrs:  C.N.A. Hospice 6 yrs.
I received my nurse assistant training at a long-term care facility in Brush, Colorado.  I moved to Ft Collins in 1997 and worked for a home health agency and then for Hospice.  I first learned of Elderhaus when I was caring for a client who attended the day program.  After leaving Hospice, I applied for a program director position with Elderhaus.  I have learned so much since my first day with Elderhaus and continue to learn every day I am here.  Each participant adds a little bit of seasoning to the pot of diversity.  I look forward to each day and the smiles of everyone as they greet you certainly can turn a frown upside down.  I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to learn about history and changes the senior population has witnessed.  The stories that need to be remembered and the people that lived them are right here at Elderhaus.

Mary Kelley: Site Coordinator - Mindset 
Education: Vocational College for Veterinary Assistant, QMAP, CPR, First Aid
Experience:  Elderhaus since 2009; Automotive Mechanics
My name is Mary and I'm pleased to be here. I started volunteering at Elderhaus and was offered a position in transport, which has since evolved into being Fleet Manager and now site coordinator of Mindset.  I have always worked in the automotive field until falling in love with the participants at Elderhaus and Mindset.  I now think of Elderhaus and Mindset as one big family, one which I am happy to be a part of.

Angel Jones:  Site Coordinator - Elderhaus/Eagle's Club
Education:  CNA, CPR, First Aid, QMAP
Experience:  Elderhaus since 2012

Sally Walczyk:  Accounting Development
Education:  Masters in Accounting, BS Gerontology, CNA, CMT, QMAP, CPR, First Aid
Experience:  Elderhaus since 2005; Nursing Home, Home Health and Private Care CNA for 13 years
After moving to Alaska in 1998 to care for my mother who had suffered a stroke, I found that caring for her was extremely rewarding. Returning to Colorado, I took classes and earned my CNA and then my Gerontology degree from University of Northern Colorado in 2005. Soon after graduating, I put my experience and training to work at Elderhaus, where I love to share in the triumphs and challenges those we serve experience on a daily basis.

Ronnyah Hamilton:  Grant Writer
Education: Bachelors degree in Human Services and Business Development, planning to complete Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in 2018
Experience:  Been with Elderhaus since  April 2017, prior 12 years as a finance manager
I was looking for a career change and wanted to make a difference in people's lives.  I have been at Elderhaus since April and I love it.  This is where I belong! 

Nora Housel: Dietary Manager
Education: AAS Radiologic Technology, CNA, QMAP, First Aid, CPR
Experience:  Elderhaus since 2008; 26 years in long term care involving supervising housekeeping, laundry and food service, CNA, restorative aid working with OT, PT and speech therapy; Home care for 2 years
My life mission is to serve the elderly, and I very much enjoy spending time with Elderhaus clients and listening to their histories. My goal is to do everything I can to improve their quality of life. I’m always working to enhance my training for client care, from my training as an X-ray technologist to my next goal of taking a CPR class.

TBD: Activity Director

Emily DeBoer:  Volunteer Coordinator

Joy: Fleet Manager, Billing Assistant, Foothills Gateway Inc. Liason

Julie  Silver-Seidele:  Occupational Therapist
Education:  Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University
Experience:  Elderhaus since 2010

Kylie Jones: Occupational Therapist
Education: Master’s in Occupational Therapy, BS in Occupational Science with a Minor in Dance
Experience: Elderhaus since 2016
During my time in CSU’s Occupational Therapy program, I completed my very first fieldwork experience at Elderhaus! I instantly fell in love with the mission of Elderhaus and with the wonderful participants. Two years later, I graduated with my Master’s in OT and began working at this magical place. I developed a post-stroke group called, “L.I.F.E.: Living Independently For Everyone,” which will always have a special place in my heart. I am constantly amazed by the way Elderhaus provides people with a safe and fun place to engage in activities in the community. As an OT, it is especially incredible to work where health is encouraged through everyday occupation! I am so grateful for Elderhaus, for the hardworking staff, and for each participant that I get to see every day.

Barbara Hope:  LPN, Veterans Program
Education:  RN
Experience:  Elderhaus since 2011

Brady Collins: C.N.A., Program Director, Dietary Aid 

Tamra King: Program Director

Traci Cole-Moench: Program Director

 Krissey Reed: CNA, QMAP, Program Director