Compassion: Since its inception, compassion has been the foundation for all that Elderhaus does and is. We exist to provide loving care for the wonderful and unique persons entrusted to us, to help the caregivers who depend on our helping hands and listening hearts, and to strengthen the communities we serve.

Activities: Elderhaus defies the stereotype of adult day care as a boring place to pass the time! Our fleet of buses and vans is deployed daily for a wide range of community engagement activities, making it possible for each participant to enjoy events and programs according to their full potential. In addition to such activities as fishing, crafts, and visits to interesting places, we provide healthful opportunities like the gym, hiking, and swimming with professional supervision.

Respite: While most of our daily activities center around the well-being of our participants, we also exist in large measure to offer compassion and concrete assistance for those family members and friends who accept the responsibilities of caring for a loved one. A few hours of much-needed rest can make all the difference for those who might otherwise be depleted by the constant needs of their loved one. Many family members are able to continue their employment, or attend to other medical, financial, or personal needs, because Elderhaus provides competent and compassionate respite care.

Education: Elderhaus activities encompass a range of creative educational opportunities for our participants, and our caregiver support includes educational materials and other resources for caregivers and families. Elderhaus also enjoys a vital partnership with CSU, serving as a community leader in field education for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Occupational Therapy (OT), Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), and Social Work. CSU students, both through hands-on work and the expertise shared through their special projects, enrich our participants and staff alike. In 2015, Julie Silver Seidle, who leads our “Supportive Connections” as Director of Therapy and Integrated Services at Elderhaus, was honored as a CSU-OT Fieldwork Educator for “Outstanding Collaboration to Educate Future Leaders of Occupational Therapy.”

Adult day care is a critical service in the continuum of care that allows individuals with disabilities and seniors who need supervision to remain in their homes. Without this service, most would end up in skilled nursing facilities.
—Margaret Long, Program Manager, Larimer County Office on Aging


Elderhaus is a compassionate place for weekday care away from home, with full-day or half-day options.  While our name says "elder", our participants are all adults age 18 and older in need of some assistance.  We have provided a productive experience - through activities and community engagement- for participants from Northern Colorado since 1980. 

Elderhaus offers an assortment of services and activities that engage participants in improving all aspects of their health, thus enhancing their overall well-being. All programs and activities are designed to address the unique challenges each person faces. The programs are developed by Elderhaus’ executive director and staff occupational therapists in collaboration with the client’s physician, who must sign-off on the plan. Participants benefit from socialization, cognitive stimulation and physical exercise experienced in these programs. Elderhaus participants are empowered by the ability to choose which activities they would like to be involved with.

•   Direct Care: The direct care program includes daily, hands-on care for clients. This program is fully supervised and facilitated by compassionate, professional staff members. Client needs may include peri-care, eating assistance, medication management and activities of daily living. 

•   Health monitoring: Elderhaus’ health monitoring services provide Elderhaus participants blood pressure and weight checks twice monthly as preventative measures. These are reported to families in detailed, monthly progress notes.

•    Nutrition Programs: Elderhaus is proud to participate in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service program, specifically the Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Financial support from CACFP helps Elderhaus serve nutritious and appetizing meals for functionally impaired adults. Elderhaus is accountable for ensuring all state and federal guidelines are carried out with integrity.

•    Transportation: Transportation to and from home is available in most cases for a small incremental fee. 

•    Caregiver Support, Mentoring and Counseling: Caregivers of adults with special needs who provide 24-hour care every day often experience emotional isolation in addition to physical, mental and financial stress. The latest statistics show that 87 percent of caregivers will pass away before the one they are caring for.  Elderhaus provides caregiver support to any caregiver with a weekly support group that helps people face and overcome the challenges and changes in their life. The support group meets each Wednesday at 9am at our 6813 S. College location.  Please come join us.

•    Volunteer and Employment opportunities: Elderhaus presents an opportunity for volunteers from universities and the local school districts to contribute to society through diverse mentoring opportunities.  Elderhaus offers an Employee Assistant Program to assist employees through continuing education and encouragement of a positive work-life balance. While many Elderhaus staff members do have their Certified Nursing Assistant certification (C.N.A.), all staff are trained in C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), C.P.I. (Crisis Prevention Intervention without restraint), Q.M.A.P. (Qualified Medication Administration Personnel), and extensive in-service training in many different areas.