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We host a program geared towards veterans called Operation Salute.  This program is designed to meet the needs of any veteran adjusting from war to civilian life in Northern Colorado.  Operation Salute provides individualized services to support physical, mental, emotional and social health concerns.  Operation Salute goes beyond care by providing services designed to help clients succeed in life in spite of their personal challenges.

Services are designed to help with personal challenges, including physical, emotional and other areas.

Peer Interaction and companionship help veterans cope with feelings of social isolation.

Community Engagement includes social activities and outside recreation programs.

Specialized Services are provided for veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury or other physical and cognitive issues.

 All fees are covered for most VA-approved referrals.  A small co-pay may be required in some cases.  Transportation to and from the home is available in most cases at a small cost.

 For more information about Operation Salute please contact us at 970-221-0406.